The history of Elsie the Dalek

In 2007 I was made redundant from the railway. I was now considerably deaf and my "Career" as a musician was also at an end. What was I do? Having already built a full size Tardis/Police Box, that stands in my garden with all the other various telephone boxes, letter boxes etc. The answer was obvious: Build a Dalek In May of 2008 I set myself the target of completing my Dalek in time for the annual invasion of the "Hop Farm" Kent, in late September. Some parts had already been accumulated, the dome and shoulders were prefabricated, so I set to building the skirt, fender, neck cage and bin. With two weeks to go I was still painting hemis (Dalek bumps) but, with luck and more than a little help from my son the Dalek took her place in the line-up

Elsie and the other Daleks at the hop farm in 2008.

So, why Elsie? My Dalek was always going to be charity worker, and my first call is always Last Chance Animal Rescue (See links) so the Dalek was named LC Dalek, using the initials of Last Chance, however, this sounded to me like DJ or rap artist, so LC was nicknamed Elsie and the name stuck.
Why those colours? I  have been a Doctor Who fan since the very beginning in 1963, and, having been to some Dalek events, I had noticed that there was a dearth of Daleks bearing the silver 1960s livery. This was an easy choice to make. I decided on the black dome to make Elsie even more unusual. This livery makes Elsie one of the Emperor Dalek's elite, in the 1967 story "Evil of the Daleks" starring Patrick Troughton as the Doctor.

In October 2009 I finally succumbed to building a new skirt for Elsie. This was because of an fundamental error in the building of the original i.e. the back panel was vertical, not angled. This time, I think I got it right : )


In 2010, after much procrastination, as an experiment, I decided to paint the skirt black. This proved popular and easy to maintain, however, when, later that year, I had all of Elsie's hems off for a respray, I decided to revert to silver. The silver dome is a new one entirely, sent to me by my good friend, Ady Davies, prop builder extraordinaire. The plan is to build a second eyestalk, lights assembly and inner workings, giving Elsie a choice of headwear to go out in lol. In May 2011, I decided on another addition to Elsie's appearance, blue LED lights underneath the fender.

Elsie now works for many charities and has travelled all over the country, reaching Yeovil in Somerset, Brighton in East Sussex, Norwich in Norfolk, Rotherham, up there in Yorkshire, to name but a few. Taking Elsie out to events has introduced me to a whole new community of friends. One question remains. Why on Earth didn't I do this years ago?

Chris KB Builder and owner of Elsie the Dalek