Operators of Elsie the Dalek
Nicola "Nicky" Martyn has the honour of being the first person to operate Elsie, at the Hop farm in 2008 and has operated her at many Events since, including being "Chucked out" of Argos in East Grinstead for declaring "ALL-THESE-ITEMS-ARE-CHEAPER-ON_EBAY!"

Jesse Cooper, operates Elsie at local events and has slowly developed his own distinctive style of delivery, including, "THANK-YOU-FOR-YOUR-DONATION-YOUR-METAL-OBJECTS-WILL-BE-USED-FOR-DALEK-WEAPONS-UPGRADE" when people put their coins in the collection tin.
Josh Maynard is the newest member of the Dalek fraternity and made his debut at a birthday party for six year old George Stevenson. Elsie, with Josh operating, was eliminated from "Musical Daleks" when his eyestalk continued to turn when the music stopped.
In 2009 for one day only, Elsie had a special guest operator, Jon Izbicki from Erie, PA. Who could forget Elsie's American accent asking "where is the Doctor?"

Kate Gilbert

Robert Ore. Yes, as there were none of the official operators available, May 6th saw me make my debut as operator. I'm now in the reserve team if i'm needed :-)
Dominic McCormack
Paul Maxted
Thomas Edwards. Thomas operated Elsie at FAAM in 2012, and did very well.